Friday - November 3rd

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Opening Performance: Marimba Nina de Escuintla | (Guatemala)

Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired


The story of one man trying to stop the proliferation of weapons, worldwide.


@ 6:35PM

Time Running: 1:02:00

Latin American Dream - Pedro Peira

Gladys and her family try to balance the Latin world with the American one.


@ 7:45PM

Time Running: 10:39

Him Her & I - Juan Carlos Bojorquez


@ 8:15PM

Time Running: 6:03

Stand By Me - Edgar Hasbun

Two people battling to find their way out of an unhappy relationship struggle through a pregnancy scare.

@ 8:40PM

Time Running: 7:35

Abrazame Como Antes -

"Hold Me Like Before" tells the story of VerĂ³nica, a transgender who works as a prostitute in a small neighborhood of Costa Rican capital. When a young thief known as Tato has an accident and breaks an ankle, she takes him to her house trying to give him a better life, but also facing with the painful side of motherhood. Finally VerĂ³nica realizes that giving a hand to Tato was actually giving it to herself.Hold Me Like Before



@ 9:20PM

Time Running: 1:10:00

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